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We are excited to announce we will be adding a freediving program as part of OZTek 2019 advanced diving conference and exhibition, which will feature some of the leading freedivers and trainers on the planet.

Presenters will include Australian five-time record holder & instructor Adam Stern, freediving pioneer Kirk Krack, founder & CEO and former record holder Mandy-Rae Krack of Performance Freediving International, French National Record Holder Thibault Guignés & more.

Dr. Neal Pollock, associate professor Université Laval & research chair of the Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, Quebec Diving Medicine Centre, will discuss current issues in freediving physiology.

Start prepping your inner marine mammal.

Some of the topics are freediving safety, improving your bottom time, equalisation methods, training, technical ‘mixed-gas’ freediving, current physiological issues, computing, spearfishing safety, along with breath-hold photography, and marine interactions.

Keep in the loop at www.OZTek.com.au 

French National Record Holder Thibault Guign├ęs

Kirk Krack Freediving - image by Spencer Sterritt


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