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Welcome Andreas Klocker & Nathalie Lasselin

Dr Andreas Klocker started his caving career in 2008 in the Junee-Florentine in Tasmania which is seen by most as Australian’s most challenging caving area. 

While being the driving force behind the exploration efforts in this region since, he has also been caving and cave diving on several big international expeditions in Mexico, New Zealand, and West Papua.  In 2015, Andreas, and American cave diver Zeb Lilly, led a successful push in Sistema Huautla, the World's 8th deepest cave, to explore beyond several sumps in an area of the cave known as Redball Canyon. 

It was on this expedition they two decided to restart efforts to connect Sistema Huautla's Sump 9, also known as the "Mother of all Sumps", to its resurgence 10km away in the remote Santo Domingo canyon.   

Since then Andreas has led three major cave diving expeditions to this region, with the two-month long 2018 expedition to the Cueva de la Peña Colorada, involving an international team of 24 highly experienced cave divers. 

If Andreas is not in a cave, he explores deep reefs off the coast of Tasmania.

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Andreas Klocker presenting at OZTek2019 Advanced Diving Conference

Andreas Klocker presenting at OZTek2019 Advanced Diving Conference

Nathalie Lasselin is a multi-award winning underwater cinematographer
and documentary producer.

Nathalie Lasselin is presenting at OZTek Advanced Diving Conference

She has filmed and explored deep wrecks and caves in more than 50 countries. 

Nathalie pursues better understanding of our planet through documentation and shares her concern for our fresh water resources through her films, articles in international magazines, and event lectures. Her drive is to bring people together and empower them through better relations with their own environment ultimately for a higher quality of life.



Nathalie has led and participated on cave and wreck documentation projects in eight countries (France, Canada, United States, Iceland, Mexico, China, Australia, and Hungary), and regularly organises small group diving expeditions for surveying, filming, 360 degree photography and other missions through her non-profit organisation Aqua Sub Terra Exploration (ASTEX) 

In 2015, and 2016, Nathalie organised women in her home Providence of Quebec, Canada to set a World Record. By creating the empowering event Femmes a la Mer, World Records for simultaneous immersion of the largest number of female divers and free divers were set and broken during both events. 


Through Nathalie’s new project, Urban Water Odyssey (UWO), on August 14, 2017, Nathalie successfully completed an underwater half marathon dive in the St. Lawrence River (www.urbanwaterodyssey.com). This was the first step of a larger initiative to bring awareness and action to the plight of fresh drinking water in cities. 


In September 2018, Nathalie travelled 70 km from one end of the island of Montreal to the other to continue to raise awareness.  She did it in 2 days in 2 dives of more than 15 hours each.

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